Business is off the scale with 12 employees in 12 months

When Dan Besau set up his Dent Wizard Franchise, he had no idea that he would now be running a successful business employing a team of 12 highly skilled people.

“When I first set up my business, I began with nothing.  After a few years I took on 3 members of staff and when the time was right I took advantage of the excellent training offered by Head Office and decided to scale my business up quickly.”

The superb Head Office training facility means that all new employees can quickly be out on the road earning money for the business, without any impact on the business owner.  Dan went from a 3-man to a 12-man team.

To make the day-to-day running of a Dent Wizard business even easier, Head Office offer complete financial back-up.  Dan goes on to say that “the finance set up is a tremendous help, it takes away the headache of cash flow so that I can focus on bringing in business.”

Dan recognises the Dent Wizard brand as a real door opener and is looking forward to a very bright business future.